Having a safe and secure home is essential for every homeowner, especially when it comes to fire safety. To ensure your chimney system is in top condition and free of any potential risks, it’s important to schedule a regular CCTV chimney survey with a trusted and highly qualified professional.

At Touch of Glass, located in Portlaoise, Co Laois, we understand the importance of a thorough and accurate chimney CCTV camera inspection. Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience to provide comprehensive chimney surveys for homeowners in the area.

A CCTV chimney inspection by Touch of Glass will provide a close-up look at the walls surrounding your chimney flue, allowing our experts to identify any issues early on before they become more serious problems down the line. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently.

In this article, we’ll discuss why having a chimney survey is so important for fire safety and how Touch of Glass can help you make sure your chimney remains safe by regularly scheduling routine inspections. If you’re a homeowner in Portlaoise, Co Laois, trust Touch of Glass to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise.

What is a CCTV Chimney Survey?

CCTV chimney surveys are an inspection of a chimney that uses high-resolution, closed-circuit cameras on the interior and exterior of the chimney structure such as the chimney breast, chimney flue, chimney stack and other components.

A professional inspector uses this technology to assess the condition of your chimney in order to prevent potential issues like a chimney fire and ensure safe operation.

The inspection covers areas such as cracks on your chimney flue wall and creosote buildup, which can cause dangerous fires if left unchecked. In addition, some surveys also check for signs of animal infestations or other blockages within the flue lining.

Touch of Glass process of conducting a Chimney Survey

The process of conducting a Chimney Survey typically involves the following steps:

Inspection of the chimney exterior:

The inspector will examine the chimney exterior for any signs of damage or structural issues such as smoke spillage marks. They will also check for proper ventilation and the presence of any chimney caps or spark arrestors.

Setting up the CCTV equipment:

The inspector will set up the CCTV camera and other equipment such as lighting and power sources to ensure that the chimney can be viewed clearly.

Lowering the CCTV camera into the chimney:

The inspector will lower the camera into the chimney and navigate it through the chimney flue to conduct a thorough inspection.

Live video inspection:

The inspector will use the live video feed to examine the interior of the chimney for any cracks, blockages, fallen debris or other issues that could pose a fire hazard. They will also inspect the chimney lining to ensure that it is in good condition.

Recording the inspection:

The inspector will record the video feed so that they can review it later and make a report of their findings.

Reviewing the footage:

After the inspection is complete, the inspector will review the footage and make notes on any issues they discovered. They will then prepare a report detailing the results of the inspection.

Providing a detailed report:

The inspector will provide a copy of the report to the homeowner, including recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

The goal of the Chimney CCTV Survey is to ensure that the chimney is safe and functioning properly and to identify any potential hazards before they become a problem.

How to know if you need a CCTV chimney survey?

Knowing when you need a chimney inspection can be tricky, but there are some key signs that you should look out for or you may have already had your chimney damaged and need to assess it for insurance purposes. If your chimney seems to be producing more smoke than usual, or if the smell from your fireplace is stronger in the room upstairs, then it is probably time to get an inspection done.

You should also call Touch of Glass if you notice crumbling bricks or mortar, as these could indicate structural problems with your chimney. Additionally, if you have not had your chimney inspected in a few years then it is probably time to give Touch of Glass a call and arrange for a survey.

The Benefits of a CCTV Chimney Inspection

There are several benefits associated with a chimney survey.

  • It is an effective way to identify any potential chimney problems with the chimney that may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • This can help prevent costly repairs in the future as well as help ensure the safe operation of the chimney.
  • It also allows chimney experts to make sure that any creosote buildup or blockages will be detected and addressed to avoid chimney fire and other safety hazards.
  • In addition, a chimney CCTV inspection survey can detect animal infestations in hard-to-reach areas of the chimney that could present a danger to your family if left unchecked.
  • Always necessary to carry out a comprehensive CCTV chimney survey if making an insurance claim regarding your chimney

Who to call for a routine CCTV Chimney Survey? Touch of Glass

If you want to keep your chimneys in tip-top shape and ensure the safety of your home and family, it’s essential to have a thorough CCTV Chimney Inspection conducted by a professional. Touch of Glass is a trusted provider of these inspections, offering a comprehensive service to help you identify any potential problems and take the necessary steps to prevent chimney fires and other hazards.

Many hidden chimney problems can go undetected without a proper inspection, putting your home and loved ones at risk. By calling Touch of Glass, you can have peace of mind knowing that your chimney has been thoroughly examined and any issues have been identified and addressed. This can also help prevent costly insurance claims in the event of a chimney fire.

Regular CCTV Chimney Inspections by Touch of Glass can help keep your chimney functioning safely and efficiently, reducing the need for costly chimney repairs. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, Touch of Glass can provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your chimney and any issues that need to be addressed.