Chimney Inspection in Tipperary

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing by a fire? One of the numerous benefits of having a fireplace at home is the flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth, distinct smell, and elegant appearance.

But did you know that your fireplace chimney needs to be cleaned and maintained, like any other piece of household equipment? Yes, it definitely does.

With so many different companies showing up when you Google Search “chimney inspection tipperary“, it’s hard to decide which one to hire. In addition, there are a lot of questionable companies offering big discounted prices, which are too good to be true.

But, unfortunately, some homeowners will fall for these offers. Buyer beware!!!. Their intention is to take your money in exchange for labour they do not need to perform. Many times, dishonest persons would assert that costly chimney repairs are necessary right away for the purpose of safety. Make sure you are dealing with someone local and reputable to avoid these rascals.

It is vital to hire a chimney cleaning and chimney inspection company with care to make sure you are working with qualified experts. Here are some tips to avoid scam chimney cleaners:

How long have they been in the chimney cleaning and inspection business?

chimney inspection in Tipperary

This is a crucial inquiry, because it provides valuable insight into the company’s general reputation. Although working with a business that has only been around for a year or two isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it’s better to go with one that has a long history of providing top-notch service. Because poor service in a crowded market makes it unlikely for a business to succeed, long-standing businesses are typically among the finest.

Touch of Glass is a family-run business that has been serving the counties Tipperary, Laois, Kildare, Kilkenny, Offaly and Carlow for over 13 years and has accumulated many loyal customers over the years. With our reliable and experienced staff, your chimney is in great hands. In addition, we are fully insured, security cleared and Garda vetted to ensure your complete peace of mind when hiring us.

Do you have any images of previous work I can see? Testimonials I can read?

Nowadays, it’s normal practice to examine online reviews while comparing service providers. Client feedback and reviews are crucial for any business to succeed.

Asking a potential chimney inspection, cleaning, or repair contractor if they have any references you can call on or images of previous work you can see is another excellent approach to discover more about them.

If this is the case, make sure to ask for references about the company’s prompt response, the calibre of the job, the costs, and even whether their homes were treated with respect throughout the process.

Nothing will bring you closer to the truth than hearing about other people’s experiences. Check customer reviews before hiring anyone for a service to give you knowledge, assurance, and peace of mind while choosing.

Are your staff properly trained and are certified technicians?

In order to make sure that you are dealing with professionals, we urge you to check the certification profile of your chimney inspection company. Unfortunately, there are a lot of independent contractors who aren’t competent nor fully certified that try to take on tasks.

Our staff here at Touch of Glass are composed of well-trained, certified and fully insured reliable and customer-oriented chimney inspectors, so we can assure you complete safety compliance and contentment to our work.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Our business is fully insured against any potential harm to your home or any personnel engaged in the work. If a service provider carries out work on your property without being properly insured and has an accident or damages your property you are personally liable.  Make sure to ask your potential chimney inspection company for insurance before they hold you responsible for any damages done to your property.

With Touch of Glass rest assured that we are fully insured to carry out all advertised works for complete peace of mind.

Do you have any unresolved complaints?

This advice applies to all businesses, not just those that provide chimney and fireplace services. It is wise to inquire about or conduct your own research to find out if your service provider has any pending complaints. In addition, while doing your own research online, don’t just focus on the 5 star reviews the company has. Also dig deeper, if there are any bad reviews, a 1 star rating is always good to get the full picture.

Due to our dedication to giving 100% of our hard work, a large percentage of our customers have become repeat clients.

What kind of inspection report do they provide?

Some chimney inspection in Tipperary only offer handwritten reports. While many other companies provide absolutely no report at all! Even some technicians could describe verbally what they discovered after looking at your fireplace’s venting system.

Furthermore, some insurance companies will require proof of regular maintenance, providing evidence of an annual chimney cleaning and inspection. With so many factors to take into account, it pays to have a reputable chimney inspector on your side.

At Touch of Glass, our inspectors take the time to talk with you, so that everyone is aware of everything that was seen during the evaluation. From looking over photos or videos taken inside the flue, providing a detailed report, to considering solutions for any problems found during the inspection.

Your next step

Now that you know what questions to ask your potential chimney inspector, you are now ready to filter out those candidates. Why not give us a call at 087 7725264 or fill out a quick form and we will return your call.