Hiring a chimney cleaner for your open fire or stove fireplace is an important part of regular care and maintenance, as it ensures that the fire or stove is clean and safe to use all year round. Regular chimney sweeps are essential for proper upkeep.

Chimney cleaning or chimney sweeping might sound like a do-it-yourself job; well, it certainly can be – if you have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to do the job safely and correctly. 

But, if you don’t have such tools or haven’t been trained as a chimney sweep, it’s best to steer away from this job in particular and hire a professional chimney cleaning expert instead. Having a professionally cleaned chimney can be the difference between a potentially dangerous fire hazard and knowing for certain there is no risk to you and your family or your property.

Besides making your chimney safe and clean, there are other benefits to hiring professionals, and those are as follows:

#1 Our experience in chimney cleaning services and chimney maintenance

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You might have tried searching YouTube for “chimney cleaning Laois” in your area for online tutorials or service providers. You saw every video, had your DIY chimney brush ready, your new bought ladders, and attitude to take on chimney cleaning yourself. 

But let me stop you there. Yes, chimney cleaning may look as easy as sticking a brush down the chimney to dislodge soot and debris.

However, there’s really more to it. 

The knowledge of how to properly and safely clean your chimney can only be achieved through years of experience. Also, with our advanced cleaning technology, we ensure your chimney is thoroughly cleaned, leaving behind no soot patches and making sure the key areas are comprehensively cleaned.

By hiring a professional to sweep your chimney, our expertise in cleaning chimneys for years will undoubtedly keep you and your family safe from harmful soot, smoke, and severe creosote buildup which causes chimney fires.

Your fireplace is something that is better left at the hands of professionals. To attain a safe and clean chimney, always go for a professional rather than a handyman. This will also stand you in regards to insurance in the unfortunate case of a chimney fire.

#2 We have the proper chimney cleaning tools

As part of being a professional chimney cleaner, we invest in high-quality chimney cleaning equipment and products to ensure you that a clean, harm-free chimney is always achieved. Some of these tools are high-powered and specialise in removing third-degree creosote buildup. These tools can be combined with chemicals, which if not used correctly, can cause more harm than good to you and your family. 

Furthermore, we use high-tech camera systems that allow us to take a good close look at the inner workings of your chimney if needed to identify if there are any blockages, flue damage and cracks, so we can address them earlier and avoid further damage to your chimney.

#3 We can identify potential problems earlier

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Your chimney has parts that must operate together to keep your home safe from carbon monoxide, fire, and water damage.

An experienced chimney cleaner can detect issues with the chimney’s brick and mortar, the damper system, and the flue. Many problems in these areas can go unnoticed unless you know what to look for. A number of these issues can be resolved if detected early enough. However, because many people neglect to clean their chimneys regularly, these problems frequently worsen until they become severe and expensive to repair.

Damaged flue liners, warped dampers, clogged chimney cowls, and fractured chimney crowns are just a few of the most frequent issues that an expert can quickly identify.

Regular inspections and cleanings can discover these issues early, saving you time and money.

#4 We provide a detailed report for your insurance coverage

Many insurance companies require to present proof of regular maintenance in order to file a claim in the case of a chimney or house fire. 

If you are unable to provide documentation, you may be held accountable or receive less money than you require to repair your home. No homeowner likes to find themselves in this scenario, but it can be avoided by having a professional team of chimney cleaners come out once or twice a year to maintain your fireplace.

We can not only help reduce the chance of a chimney fire, but we can also prove that you have done everything possible to avoid one.

Besides providing you with a detailed report for your insurance coverage, as professionals, we are also fully insured. This means that if we are injured on the job, we are covered by our insurance, and there will be no hassle on your part.

#5 You can save money

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As there is a cost in hiring a professional chimney cleaning service, you can turn a relatively minor problem into a major and more expensive one by disregarding the importance of having your chimney cleaned preferably twice yearly.

For example, if you attempt to clean your chimney yourself, you risk unintentionally creating damage that could result in a leak that goes undetected for months. This error might result in thousands of euros in water damage. In addition, the water could also contribute to rot, which could lead to structural issues. What may start out as a simple cleaning task could escalate into a big issue that could cost thousands of euros to get fixed.

Avoid putting yourself in a scenario like this. Always rely on a professional chimney cleaner to ensure that the task is done correctly and that any problems are identified as soon as possible. You can contact us at (087) 7725264 or (057) 8663879 for further assistance and questions for our chimney cleaning service, or you can request a call back.